We create inclusive, innovative and transformative spaces.
Bringing the NEW into the NOW.
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We are offering transformative building solutions and designs
for a circular future

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BetaPort is a circular building system that enables "Building as a Service" (BaaS) applications. BetaPort is planned digitally, using automation and contributes to the wider democratization of architecture planning and building construction.

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BetaHoods are temporary and collectively designed social neighborhoods for the reintegration of homeless humans. BetaHood offers participatory and empowering design solutions built upon circular economy principles. We are looking for opportunities to socially upvalue and develop brownfields and urban plots for temporary use on-demand.


Impact through Empathy

Inclusion with human centered design is at the core of all our projects. We develop our spatial systems with a participatory approach to provide social infrastructure. Our work deals with social justice including co-creation processes, participatory platforms and circular economy.

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Foresight by design

We combine research with practice to integrate emerging technologies, spatial innovation and predictive planning into one combined,  holistic approach. Our work aims to enable the greater democratization of technology for spatial planning.

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Space On-Demand

We create spatial systems, that are scalable, adaptable and can grow with their users. Our spatial solutions are flexible and work towards an economy of scale. We design for the future of co-living, co-working, mobility infrastructure and their digital twins.

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Circular Realization

Our architectures, spatial solutions and products are brought to life through an integrative planning process. We design with circular economy models, material innovation, combined with  efficient digital planning and local, ecological manufacturing.

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About us

We are
Urban Beta.

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We are an interdisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, architects, urban planners and project developers, who aim for transformative projects. Through our partnerships, we ensure the ecologic and economic sustainability.



Tell us what you think.

Be part of it! We are looking forward to the exchange with you. Feel free to get in contact with questions, impulses and inquiries. According to our participatory core values, we are trying to reply to all requests to foster social involvement.




  • LinkedIn - Weiß, Kreis,
  • Instagram - Weiß Kreis
  • Facebook - Weiß, Kreis,