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Smarter and more
sustainable buildings,
driven by innovation
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Our Approach
Who we are

Urban Beta Group is pioneering the future of our built environment. We offer transformative project development,
sustainable design, architecture and building technology

for a circular economy.

News and Updates
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BetaPort Systems creates revolutionary technology
for circular buildings on-demand.

We provide the world's first scalable and circular building system on-demand. We create buildings that allow change over time, can adapt to various site conditions at no extra costs and are being able to be efficiently built back and reused. We are a Tech Company applying revolutionary robotic construction technology for building and refurbishment. 


Architects, innovators and problem solvers who share global expertise in anticipating and designing for what’s ahead. We build Beta Realities.

Beta Realities is an award winning studio for spatial innovation. Our designs are carefully crafted with the future in mind. We create architecture, urbanism, interiors and product design that bring people together. Our spaces are designed for transformation and purpose.

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BetaHood is a research project initiated by Urban Beta and funded by the "Zukunft Bau"(Future COnstruction) program by the BBSR.

BetaHoods are nomadic and social neighborhoods on-demand. With our partners we strive for the realization of healthy and sustainable neighborhoods for the reintegration of homeless people. Betahood is a joint research by Arup, Bauhaus University Weimar and Urban Beta.

Urban Beta in the Media
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Selected Awards
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Best New Practice 2023
Design Educates Award
Winner of the Year 2022 - Universal Design

Winner ReBau Award 2022
Outstanding Innovation in the Construction Industry
Impact and Approach

We work collectively on creating future-proof innovation across building sectors. As a value-driven company we strive for highest impact in ecology, social and governance.

Core Values
Core Design Values

Impact through Empathy

Inclusion and human centered design is at the core of all our projects. We develop our design with a participatory approach to provide future-proof social infrastructure. We design for co-creation and participation.

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Foresight by design

We combine research with practice to integrate emerging technologies, spatial innovation and predictive planning into one holistic design approach.
Our work enables for greater democratization of building technology.

Space On-Demand

Our building systems are scalable, adaptable and can grow over time. Our solutions are highly flexible and work towards an economy of scale. Our product-based approach realizes Buildings as a Service (BaaS).


Circular Realization

Our design aims for conscious and economical buildings. We build with sustainable materials and innovative products. We actively research in new technology for ecological efficient manufacturing.

About us


Tell us what you think.

Be part of it! We are looking forward to the exchange with you. Feel free to get in contact with questions, impulses and inquiries. According to our core values, we are trying to reply to all requests to foster social involvement.

  • LinkedIn - Weiß, Kreis,
  • Instagram - Weiß Kreis
  • Facebook - Weiß, Kreis,
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